Centre for Information Modelling - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities

Based in: Austria

Status: Associated Member

The centre's focus is on applied research in the area of information and data processing in the humanities, with special emphasis on the theory of data-modelling, and the practical implementation of this research topic in teaching and projects.

The Centre for Information-Modelling acts as a cooperation partner in research projects, who

  1. develops and maintains modern IT structures based on results of applied research
  2. advises partners on the  IT-related planning, development and implementation of methodological tasks
  3. autonomously examines central questions of knowledge modelling and transfer.

The centre is member of DHd (Digital Humanitites im deutschsprachigen Raum) and centerNet (International Network of Digital Humanities Centers).

Associated people

  • Georg Vogeler

    Chair for Digital Humanities, Zentrum f├╝r Informationsmodellierung - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities


Elisabethstra├če 59/III

8010 Graz